Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Startup Weekend?
  2. What is the weekend like?
  3. How did it start?
  4. What is the agenda?
  5. Do I have to stay the whole time?
  6. Is the expectation to launch a startup in one weekend?
  7. Multiple startups?
  8. How are details like legal, ownership, members etc. handled?
  9. Is everyone who attends a participant?
  10. What happens once the weekend ends?
  11. Aren’t people concerned that someone will run away with their idea?
  12. Do you sleep at the event?
  13. Who runs Startup Weekend?
  14. Is Startup Weekend a company?
  15. Can I sponsor the Weekend?
  16. What do the ticket types mean on the registration page?

What is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is a weekend event in cities around the world. A highly motivated group of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more meet and in a short 54 hour event work on building projects out. It is very much like an unconference, where the attendees decide the outcome of the experience.

What is the weekend like?

The weekend is fun, mentally simulating and always profitable (2 of those are true)! It starts Friday at 6pm and finishes up Sunday at 6pm, the hours in between are up to the community. Startup Weekend gets everyone in the same room, sometimes clothes and always feeds. What is next is really up to the people that show up, it is your drive and passion that will lead the weekend.

How did it start?

It was a late night in June of 2007 at TechStars when the idea was coined. Danny Newman and Stan James discussed how they missed collaborating on projects with others now they were working on bigger projects, later David Cohen and Joe Scharf pushed founder Andrew Hyde to take the concept into reality.

What is the agenda?

Our timetable for the weekend is available on the home page.

Do I have to stay the whole time?

If you have pitched an idea and are leading a team, it’s not likely you can miss significant time and still compete. If you are only a contributor, however, it’s up to your team to decide if they can go without you for whatever length of time. Work this out with your team, but certainly, some attendees have done it in the past.

Is the expectation to launch a startup in one weekend?

That is generally the goal but launching and incorporating are totally up to the teams that are put together at the start of the event. The excitement of launching makes the weekend thrilling. Go for it!

Multiple startups?

Yes. Depending on the number of attendees your number of projects will vary but typically 6-9 are formed in a given weekend.

How are details like legal, ownership, members etc handled?

The people working on the products will determine these issues during the weekend. Startup Weekend, LLC will not retain ownership of any company coming out of the weekend and does not issue any shares.

Is everyone who attends a participant?

Again, this will be determined by the participants. It is your weekend, but don’t show up to watch. Participate!

What happens once the weekend ends?

Above all, we hope that a strong community bond will form. Beyond that, it depends on the group. Past weekends have seen groups work beyond the weekend and continue to build and market their products. Several projects have incorporated as companies and a few have raised angel rounds. Skribit is an example.

Aren’t people concerned about someone running away with their idea?

Given the nature of the event, and the fact that it will be live twittered/blogged/streamed etc., trade secrets will be difficult to enforce. We suggest that if you have an idea that you don’t want taken, then don’t present them. The purpose of the event is to build community, so consider working on projects that introduce you to working with cool people.

Do You Sleep At the Event?

Yes. Definitely! Generally the hours are Friday from 6-10pm, Saturday from 9am-9pm and Sunday from 9am-6pm. If you have reasons to be away during the weekends, by all means feel free to do so (kids soccer game, dinner with the Prime Minister, etc).

Who Runs Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend LLC is run by the community supporting entrepreneurship. Every weekend has a facilitator that is approved by Startup Weekend, LLC.

Is Startup Weekend a Company?

Yes, Startup Weekend is a startup in its own. The company and Trademark are used to make sure the quality of each Startup Weekend.

Can I sponsor the Weekend?

Yes you can, in two ways. You can be a local sponsor for one weekend or a national sponsor for all the weekends. Email Clint Nelsen – clint [at] startupweekend dot com and Marc Nager – marc [at] startupweekend dot com and to discuss.

What do the ticket types mean on the registration page?

First of all, 99% of the people that are asking about this are stressing out. Don’t. The ticket types are for, and sorry for the all caps, but we are going to use them, PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY. If something is sold out, sign up for something else, just email the organizer. Cool? Planning purposes only. Got it? :)

  • Developer–Sys Admin: You can set up the servers and make sure the tubes are not clogged to the internets. You run the tech show.
  • Developer–Backend: You’re the person who lays the solid foundation upon which everything else depends. Everyone else will be trying to get you to code up their brilliant idea after the weekend; and with a budget, you could.
  • Developer–Architect: You’re the person that comes up with the overarching vision for the project. You fit tab A into slot B.
  • Developer–Front End: You make things look good, working directly with the User Experience team to make everything rock for the user. CSS is your friend, and IE bugs are the enemy in which you destroy. User rebellion will be directed toward you.
  • PR: You like telling the story of Startup Weekend (your project) and you’re awesome at keeping the message alive. Craft buzzword packed blog posts, dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with bull.
  • User Experience: You know that all your friends are going to be using what you just helped create. You know that unless it’s user-friendly, your friends won’t talk to you. You fear losing your friends.
  • Designer: Someone has to add the drop shadow and gradient to that interface design, you will do it for the site design, banners, business cards and logo.
  • Legal: You make certain that all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed and help your project move forward after the weekend.
  • Cook: Don’t know where you fit in but want to experience the weekend? The cook position might just be your ticket. You make sure the food shows up, the drinks are cold and the most random tasks are completed.

I hope this helps you pick what ticket to ‘buy.’ Remember to pick what you would like to spend your weekend doing, not necessarily what you do for your day job and you’re totally free to change roles throughout the weekend.

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