Step 1: Create the Plan


Step 2: Follow the plan, obviously!

At Startup Weekend, we like to provide our teams with the tools to create a successful business (or at the least the beginnings of one). We encourage our teams to use the Business_Model_Canvas to keep track of their progress and make sure they’re answering the right questions and heading in the right direction. Don’t worry about printing this out, since your team will get one for the weekend.

We also provide coaches for the weekend to help develop your ideas and look at your issues with a fresh set of eyes. You should talk with all of them, if possible. Having experts give you advice about your business and your follow-through is invaluable. So, even though we know you’re busy, we encourage you to take advantage of their talents and knowledge. This year the coaches who will be circulating on Saturday are:

Brett Bumeter: Founder, WordPress guru

Brett Bumeter of Softduit Media @brettbum on twitter

Devin Rader: Developer Evangelist


Jay Bendis: President, Marketing, Sales & Operations specialist


Christy Harner: Founder, Creative Principal, Designer, Film Maker



Paul Benninghove: Founder, Designer




Kevin Garrison: CPA




We really appreciate when community members come out to support aspiring entrepreneurs. It is this kind of giving that is building the Charlotte startup community. Thanks, coaches!