Sponsor Showcase: Binary Ventures


What doesn’t Binary Ventures do for your company? There’s nothing on their website about your dry cleaning, so maybe they won’t do that. But otherwise, they’ll take your business from idea to growing company and help every step along the way.

They categorize the experience into 3 phases:

Create.  They will help you flesh out your idea, helping with any pivoting or re-direction you need. You’ll get honest feedback, helpful suggestions, and expert advice. They’re not going to let you build a bad company.

Launch. Their developer staff will then work with these ideas to build you a top-notch product. And in a timely manner, so you’re ready to launch when you need to!

Grow. It doesn’t stop there. You will receive marketing solutions, technical support, and continued mentoring to make sure you’re off in the right direction.

You can imagine how excited we were when Binary Ventures came on board as a #CSW6 sponsor! Their services will have a dramatic impact for our winning team, we are sure of it! We won’t spill all of the beans about the prize that they offered just yet (more on that next week), but you’re going to like it!

Steve Nolan and Christy Harner, the co-founders of Binary Ventures, will become two of your favorite people after meeting them. Christy is a previous #CSW attendee, and worked with several teams at a time to get their designs in top shape. This year she’ll be helping all of the teams as one of our mentors on Saturday. She’s incredible. Steve knows what’s up. As one of your judges this year, his expertise will be a huge asset in evaluating the viability, marketability, and value in each of our demo-ing businesses. Steve has also helped us a great deal with behind the scenes planning this year, so we’re grateful for that too!

Thanks so much for coming on board as our Platinum Sponsor, Binary Ventures!


This concludes our Sponsor Showcase Series! Get ready for some awesome information coming soon about #CSW6!