Sponsor Showcase: Horack Talley


Attorneys Who Get Things Done.¬†Seriously, this is Horack Talley‘s tagline, so you know they mean business.

This is their first year as a #CSW sponsor, and we’re excited to have them on board! With 39 attorneys practicing at the firm, they are a real legal powerhouse, so we’re glad they’re on our side. You know, in case we ever end up in court for…something.

Founded in 1932 by two people named neither Horack nor Talley, the firm has a lengthy history in Charlotte. Over the years they’ve developed a number of select practice groups to focus on particular areas of the law, many of which are related to real estate law. They are also considered a Green Power leader, which sounds like they’re into super hero shenanigans, but it actually means they’re doing some pretty cool stuff for the planet.

Horack Talley as a firm is involved in dozens of local charities and organizations, which shows a clear commitment to developing community in Charlotte. We’re also a fan of their Women’s Initiative, which seeks to promote personal and professional development for the women in their firm (40% of their attorneys are female, BTW. Not too shabby!)

We are so happy to be able to offer their services as part of our prize package. I know you can’t wait to see what’s involved. Don’t worry…it won’t be too much longer before we spill the beans!

Thanks, Horack Talley! Can’t wait to see John, Jon, and Bob at the event!