Sponsor Showcase: Queen City Forward


Queen City Forward is improving our community by supporting social entrepreneurship in Charlotte. What is a social entrepreneur, you ask? They’re people and companies aimed at solving social problems or effecting social change. No, not like Facebook. Think employing previously incarcerated individuals, educating our youth more effectively, managing our planet’s resources more effectively. In fact, these are all missions of companies in the previous class in their accelerator.

QCF’s accelerator, Impact3, will focus its 2014 efforts on healthcare. (The 3 in Impact3 stands for People, Planet, and Profit, the three foci of a social entrepreneur.) We’re looking forward to a great class of companies from this year.

Charles Thomas, the Executive Director, and his team have partnered with #CSW for the past few years, and we are grateful and excited to have them back on board. If your social endeavor lands you in the top 2 teams at #CSW6, you will win a year-long membership in Queen City Forward. Charles will also be serving as one of our judges this year!

Thanks, Queen City Forward, for all you do for Charlotte and for #CSW!


Queen City Forward