The Art of Pitching


At our recent prequel event, organizers discussed best practices for pitching at Charlotte Startup Weekend. In case you weren’t taking diligent notes, or got stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it, here’s a recap.

You have 60 seconds to pitch. Your pitch should answer the following 4 questions in some fashion:

1. Who are you? You are selling yourself almost as much as your idea. Present yourself in a way that makes people want to work with you. Give a (really) brief bio, if you’ve got an impressive background.

2. What problem are you trying to solve? Make it relevant to the audience.

3. How will you solve it? Give the minimum description of your solution to the problem. This will be the company that you work on all weekend. Come up with a catchy name so that people remember your idea!

4. Who do you need? What skill you bring to the table? Tell us. You’ll probably need a technical team of some sort (developers and a designer), but what else? Copy writers? Organizational gurus? Extroverts to interview potential customers? Think about these needs and ask for them during your pitch.

A few other thoughts

Make sure it’s an idea that can be tackled in a weekend in an effective manner. This usually means a tech company whose primary product is an app or website, but there are (and have been) exceptions to this rule.

You can only pitch one idea. If you’ve got a few ideas, choose the one that you think would work best that weekend. It may not be your A idea.

Check out Brett’s post yesterday to see the pitches from #CSW5 and get some ideas for style, focus, energy, etc. 

Happy pitching!