startup weekend - getting through the friday night dip to get the most from Startup Weekend

Avoid the Friday Night Dip and Get the Most out of Startup Weekend!


Each year there’s always a couple people that misunderstand how Friday nights work, just a bit.  It’s a critical bit though.  After doing the hard part, coming up with a great idea, and the really hard part, pitching it to a room of people, and then doing the really really hard part, watching people vote up or down all of the pitches.

They give up at an easy easy easy step and make a terribly unfortunate mistake.

If there pitch is not selected, they go home for the night and don’t come back.  :(

We want to help you avoid this mistake and get the most out of your Startup Weekend!  

Please click to watch the video below:

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Brett Bumeter (@brettbum )– Mentor and co-organizer of Charlotte Startup Weekend.