Meet the Teams: StockFel – Formerly Lending Circles


On Friday, May 4th at Packard Place in Charlotte, NC, Rex Salisbury delivered his Charlotte Startup Weekend pitch called Lending Circles, renamed later to StockFel. The primary focus of the business is to deliver un-banking to the traditionally un-banked through mobile. Watch his entire pitch: [youtube][/youtube]

At the end of the voting period, Rex walked away with the coveted first stage award, the 3M sheet with the name of his startup. Now begins the fun part, convincing other attendees to work on his startup.

Within an hour, Rex and his team members, Carey Head @careyhead and Olaf Maltha, come together to form team Lending Circles. They jump right in and start the process of turning his business idea into reality. Find them on Twitter, Facebook and their website  refernces the problem they seek to solve: You share so many parts of your life with your circles: photos, videos, restaurant reviews…your latest relationship status. We use those social circles to power our lives. What if they could power our financial growth as well?

Be sure to attended Charlotte Startup Weekend on Sunday, March 6 at Packard Place for the final team demonstrations. This will be each teams chance to present to the attendees and judges in hopes of walking away with the prizes:

For the Winner

  • From Ben Craig Center, offerings from their business support packages, (up to $2000 value.)
  • From BIG Council, 1 year Trailblazer membership ($1000 value.)
  • From GitHub, 1 year, Bronze organization package. ($300 value.)
  • From Heroku, $300 platform credit
  • From Peak 10, a $500 hosting and services package
  • From Anderson, Campbell & Associates, a selection of their business support services.

Final Video from Sunday will be uploaded at a later date.

written by Bridget B. Sullivan, Founder & Executive Producer Ignite Charlotte