And the winner is…Talkible


With an easily understandable story and monetization strategy that the judges agreed had potential, the Talkible team walked away with the top honors for 2011. As our winners, they received a one year Pathfinder membership to the BIG Council and a support package from the Ben Craig Center.

Our runner-up team was TagSeats, an aggressive concept with numerous partnership revenue possibilities. TagSeats also received a one year Pathfinder membership thanks to our sponsor the BIG Council.

Congratulations to all of this year’s participants! The quality of the ideas, the pedigree of the people, the professionalism of the Sunday pitches and the energy in the room all surpassed last year’s Charlotte event and it will be exciting to see what the teams that move forward can accomplish. Our judges had to make a difficult choice with every idea showing a tremendous level of polish and potential, and I don’t think anyone in the room felt there was a team that wasn’t in contention.

Thanks again to our sponsors, participants, mentors, speakers and judges, who all made this past weekend a success. We look forward to getting feedback on ways we can improve the event for next time and hope to see everyone back again with the same passion for making an ongoing commitment to entrepreneurship in Charlotte.