Talkible – Talk to a Savvy Professional on Demand – Charlotte Startup Weekend


Talkible Team at Work Startup Weekend 2011 Charlotte, NC

Talk with a savvy professional for knowledge when you need it. 

The Talkible team formed this weekend with the great idea of working to connect people with a savvy professional, quickly and efficiently using the Twilio api.

Talkible’s business concept is straight forward.  When a person needs help from a pro quickly, they can connect through Talkible and schedule an immediate call with a professional in the area they seek help.  When that call takes place (typically soon after scheduling, but at at time that works for both), there is a simple flat one time charge paid by the person with the question.  The professional answering the question receives the fee less 10% that goes to Talkible.  All the billing and backend stuff(secret process 😉 ) to make the connection happen is made simple by Talkible!