TagSeats – Find Your Friends Seats at Concerts and Sporting Events – Charlotte Startup Weekend


TagSeats Team at Work Startup Weekend 2011 Charlotte, NCTagSeats Team at Work Startup Weekend 2011 Charlotte, NC

image Ever hopped on Facebook only to see that your friends went to a great concert the night before and you didn’t know anything about it?

Or Have you bought tickets for a concert, told your friends, they tried buy tickets but ended up on the other side of the stadium?

TagSeats ( TagSeats.com @TagSeats )is hoping to help bring friends together when they go to a concert or sporting event.  This great team is working to provide people with a way of tagging their seats at an event so that their friends can see where they are sitting and either connect up or buy seats close too!  The team is developing an interactive seating chart web app with a login validation powered by twitter or facebook.

In addition to the social connection with the seats users might also be able to post their tickets for sale or see which other seats close to them might be available.  Each event will have its own page and this too will help people come together and have a great time!