HwyHero – Providing Useful Information Along Your Road Trip Path – Charlotte Startup Weekend


TagSeats Team at Work Startup Weekend 2011 Charlotte, NC

imageThe HwyHero team is rapidly pulling together a great little project that will help travelers plan trips.  Their GPS based service will help people:

  • figure out the best places to get the cheapest gas along their path, when they need gas
  • Help them avoid traffic congestion in a distant city planning alternate routes ahead of time before they get stuck
  • and even help give them weather forecasts for cities that they will drive through at an adjustable expected ETA

When I checked in with them at 5 PM on Saturday they had wire frames done, a prototype for the web app, some mock ups in progress for the apps and the obligatory twitter account @hwyhero  šŸ˜‰

This app / site /service has a lot of potential and an experienced (StartupWeekend Team) that just might make this one real.

Stay tuned  . . . .. Recalculatingā€¦..