Important details for attendees of Charlotte Startup Weekend 2011

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Charlotte Startup Weekend starts tomorrow evening.  I hope you’re as excited as we are!  This information is designed to provide you with a good experience getting your weekend started.

Please follow us on Twitter at @StartupWkndCLT.  We will make occasional announcements there which should improve your experience, especially if you are away from the space.   We will use this to broadcast the arival of food and availability of mentors who will be onsite to provide feedback and team coaching.
In order to give everyone an idea of what skills will be available, please fill out the profile at the bottom of this post. This information should provide a sense for which ideas will be most viable and will help during the team building process.

If you’ll be arriving before 5PM on Friday, refer to this parking manual. After 5PM and through the weekend, any of the spots in that map are available.  There is a lower lot off 3rd St, as well as entrance of Church.  Enter Packard Place from the Church St. direct entrance, and we will get you registered and give you the info sheet you’ll have with you for the rest of the weekend.

Registration begins at 5PM on Friday, and our program will begin at 7.  Dinner will be served at approximately 6PM.  Please don’t be tardy, or you will miss our excellent speakers, Rajeev Kulkarni and Paul Wettenhall.  Mr. Kulkarni is president of Wed3, the angel investing network based here in Charlotte, NC.  Mr. Wettenhall is President of the Ben Craig center, a business incubator and support system for young Charlotte companies of all types.  They are two of the most excellent speakers in the Charlotte Startup scene, and we are lucky to have them.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!  Get ready for an exciting and inspiring weekend!  You can reach Jim at @bigfleet on Twitter at any time with questions or to make your experience better.  If you require special food considerations (vegan, GF, etc), please let us know so that we can order the correct type/qty.

Your Organizers

Jim Van Fleet
Brett Bumeter
Tyler Williams