Attendee Introductions


One of the best things about Startup Weekend events in addition to some great experience is the people.  You are about to meet some smart, interesting, hard working people and you might just launch a company with them too!

To kick that off, we are sending out requests to everyone that has signed up already to consider sharing some information about themselves so that we can make some early online introductions.

You can already start following Charlotte Startup Weekenders on Twitter with one click.

Our Goal

We would like to facilitate some early introductions of Attendees to each other.  To achieve this we would like to publish short bios of each attendee that opts in on our website here at .

What Type of Bio?

If you have a short bio (a paragraph or two) handy that would be ideal.  Similarly, if you have a summary on LinkedIn that you would like us to use that will work too.  We want to make this as easy as possible for everyone.  It shouldn’t feel like a job application, nor a resume, just something simple to help other understand what you can do.  These bios will help all attendees start to get a better sense of the potential group members that they will meet and work with and maybe even launch a successful company this month!

Matching a Face with a Name

We would like to include a quick picture or image with each of these summary biographies and some quick online contact information to help people do some preliminary networking.  The better we get to know each other the faster we can dive in and get to the fun stuff once Startup weekend arrives.

Here are items that we would like to request:

  • 1-2 Paragraph Bio –  What’s your background? Experience, education, passions, goals, hobbies etc as they relate to the knowledge, skills and abilities you can bring to startup weekend
  • Digital Image of Yourself – Can be a professional looking headshot, or something casual too.

Privacy Considerations – We will not share your phone number or email address online.  The above information is not required, and you can provide as much or as little as you like.

  • Social network connection information – Twitter ID, LinkedIn Link
  • How to Provide Your Profile Information

    After registering, you should receive a separate email from one of us here helping to organize the event.

    To provide your information, please simply reply to the email attaching or pasting in the information or picture.

    Optionally Using Your LinkedIn Summary

    If you would like us to use the image and summary on your LinkedIn profile, please let us know in your email.  Consider that your LinkedIn Summary may be generic or possibly focuses on your past and not what you want to make your future into by starting a new company, so consider whether writing a new paragraph about yourself might help.

    Finally, if you have any questions about the upcoming event, please feel free to leave a comment below.  We’re working to build out the FAQ page on the site and would like to provide more information and answers to everyone, so any questions would definitely be appreciated.